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Hi! You have found the Train Simulator® add-ons made by DBA Productions©!! This is where you can get your own copy of the fascinating add-ons DBA Productions© has to offer! They are in zip file form, so be sure you have downloaded either WinZip®, WinRar® or ZipCentral® from their sites. I highly recommend WinZip® Trial. Get it at Enjoy all that there is to offer! Of course, the downloads are free!!


A Thomas & Friends® character
(Reissued: 17 April 2006)


Mighty Mac
A Thomas & Friends character.
(Reissued: 17 April 2006)



A Thomas & Friends® character
(Reissued: 17 April 2006)


A Thomas & Friends® character
(Reissued: 17 April 2006)

NOTE - Restoration of the previous models is not yet finished. The four above are fully-functional downloads, but the other past models are currently being transferred to this page. They are as follows:
Culdee, Flying Scotsman, Salty, Pip & Emma

Updated: 14 May 2006

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