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Train Sim Crazy Crashes© is a series of music videos with a different song every time and crashes fimed by FlyingS on the famous Microsoft© Train Simulator®. There are big crashes, small crashes and just train flybys! Every Volume in the series brings you something different every time( or at least we try! )! There are even new engines never before seen in these videos that I made myself! You cannot get some of these engines on any website for download!
The hallmark of DBA Productions©, this series's first episode debuted the day the company did and was the reason the company was founded. Here are the episodes, ready for your downloading pleasure. Click each picture designated to download the episode.

EPISODE 1 - Never Alone by BarlowGirl


EPISODE 2 - A Million Pieces by NewsBoys


EPISODE 3 - We Can Work It Out by The Beatles


EPISODE 4 - Super Mario Bros Theme Techno Remix by Nintendo Inc.


EPISODE 5 - Eye of the Storm by Blindside


EPISODE 6 -  (A Mix of Classical Songs)
Spring - Vivaidi, Carmen - Bizet, Hallelujah Chorus - Handel, 1812 Overture - Beethoven


EPISODE 7 - The Pirates of the Caribbean© Theme by Klaus Badelt


EPISODE 8 - Brave by Nichole Nordeman


EPISODE 9 - Clocks by Coldplay


EPISODE 10 - Locomotion by Kylie Minogue


EPISODE 11 - The Hamster Dance by Hampton the Hamster


EPISODE 12 - Hey Now by Sixpence None The Richer 


Volume 13 - Coming 18 September 2006!
Volume 14 - Coming October 2006!

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