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Here are some handy links to different websites!

Railway Series Forum: (DBA's Forum)

The Grand Railway Forum:

Sodor Island Forum:

Modeling Railway Fan Forum:

Wooden Railway Forum:

UkTrainSim: ( over a 1000 downloads! )

Tom Oliver's Crazy Crashes Pics Site:  (features hundreds of fan pics of train crashes on Train Sim)

DBA Productions's Train Simulator Downloads (just as the description says):

Train-Sim: ( have to be registered to download )

Microsoft: ( search for Train Simulator )

Fraps: ( game-filming software located here )

RailServe: ( some downloads are for registered users )

Talyllyn Railway: ( a real world train route, in Wales, UK )

Corris Railway: ( a real world train route, in Wales, UK; next to Talyllyn Railway)

Ffestiniog Railway: (a real world train route in Wales, UK)

Snowdon Mountain Railway: (a real train route in Wales, UK)

Bluebell Railway:

Amtrak: ( the American railway system )

Dean Forest Railway: ( in Gloucestershire, UK )

Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway: ( in England; near Scotland)

More links coming as they're discovered!

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