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The Full Cast For Duncan & the Old Mine/The Magic Lamp Redub

Narrator: FlyingS
Thomas: Dan5589
Mr. Percival: Thomas
Rusty: Ianfox
Duncan: FlyingS
Peter Sam: Nimo5
Skarloey: Eric (Bertram)
Harold: Eric (Bertram)
Children (in 'Magic Lamp,' need 3 for this): Dan5589, Nimo5, FlyingS


Volume 13 - 18 September 2006
Volume 14 - October 2006
Episode 2 - Sir Handel (October 2006)
Episode 3 - Peter Sam & the Refreshment Lady (TBA)
Episode 4 - Old Faithful (TBA)
Thomas the Battery-Powered Engine®
Episode 3 - As Red As A Rocket (October 2006)
Episode 4 - Tank Engine Predicaments (TBA)
Episode 5 - Stopping An Uprising (TBA)
Episode 6 - Bertie's Tricks (TBA)
Episode 7 - Roundabouts (TBA)
Duncan & the Old Mine/The Magic Lamp Redub - TBA 2006
"Microsoft© Train Simulator®" add-ons
Culdee (Reissue) - October 2006
Flying Scotsman (Reissue) - October 2006
Pip & Emma (Reissue) - October 2006
Salty (Reissue) - October 2006
Rusty (BETA)- October 2006
Frank (BETA)- October 2006

As of 12 September 2006

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