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DBA Productions IS BACK!

25 JANUARY 2007: DBA Productions© is officially back in business! The President of DBA Productions©, Darcy Ireland, has a new affiliate in Sodor Island Forums and greatly thnaks Ryan Healy for his newfound alliance. New videos are on the way, but not immediately. Here is our new schedule. We hope you like it:
1) Train Sim Crazy Crashes® Volume 13
Release Date: February 2006
2) Thomas the Battery-Powered Engine® Episode 3 - As Red As A Rocket
Release Date: TBA
3) Skarloey Railway Chronicles® Episode 2 - Sir Handel
Release Date: February 2006?
NOTE: If you have any questions, please feel free to go to our 'Contact Us' page.
We are available at all times for e-mails!
DBA Productions© is a company that has been around for over three years now (established March 2004). It makes video series, with a count of 3 series as of 25 January 2007. At the head of DBA Productions© is Darcy Ireland (known as FlyingS to some fans).
The first series, Train Sim Crazy Crashes®, is a series that, in each episode, films a volume of crashes with a song from different genres per episode. It debuted about a month after the company did, 1 April 2004.
The second series, Thomas the Battery-Powered Engine®, is about a group of friends (Thomas, Percy, Stepney and James) who battle with certain mishaps on the Island of Sodor. They are controlled by a man only known as the Fat Controller. He still cares for them and only he knows that they are but battery-powered engines on a wooden railway. . .
The third series, The Skarloey Railway Chronicles®, retells of the Skarloey Railway's adventures using Train Simulator® by Microsoft©.


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